Annie Sopher - Annie is the music producer at Drury Design Dynamics, a company that specializes in corporate entertainment. during her off hours she loves to think about where to forage her next meal. HAIL GOOCH!

Dining Around In a Very

Non-Specific Manner

by Annie Sopher



1) A time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature; one of the four quarters into which the year is commonly divided

2) to give (food) more flavor or zest by adding seasoning or
savory ingredients

I always feel the sad twinge at summerÕs end. There is the nostalgia for the sprinklerÕs thrilling mist on a warm but not yet steamy June afternoon. The smell of hot dogs grilling on the fourth Ð and the childish belief that Ð itÕs only the fourth! Summer will go on forever. Lazy sunbathing on the Russian River with eggsalad sandwiches. Stolen afternoons with a book and Grandma MarionÕs almond roca cookies under a tree. Languid august days Ð free of the normal stresses and a secret knowledge that like it or not August is a harbinger.

I remember that returning to school was good for me. So I wondered why I should dread the falling leaves. There were new clothes to buy Ð crisp wintry sweaters (then know simply as their brand Ð the huck a poo) fresh unshrunken jeans, argyle knee socks. Maybe we were a Norman Rockwell family. Well a Jewish one at least. I recall being strangely excited to attend the first day of school in formal clothes Ðthe likes of which I hadnÕt been seen in since May. It felt like an ironic twist Ð the sun beating down on us still teasing our return to the water. We should be at the beach today. Then there was a calming inevitability of back to school. Now this is what its about after all Ð the three rÕs. Nevermind those fresh rolls from the cafeteria with a perfect side. A pound of melted butter.

The biggest symbol of Fall was always insinuated to me thru the oddest of ways. The Jerry Lewis Telethon. I would sit glued to the television eating raw cookie dough Ð store bought. Labor day is no time for real cooking. And I would stare at the freaky sight of Jerry sweating begging singing dancing crying. I guess I figured if he could work that hard for 24 straight hours Ðwith no sleep Ð the least I could do was a year of High School.

As an adult there are other incentives that cheer FallÕs arrival. Food I havenÕt thought in months makes my taste buds water. Paella from El Faro. Доставка цветов в Нальчике courtesy of Mitali. Pasta (Pepe, of course).

Forgetful and pleasure bound as I am Ð I always make the best of the change in seasons. After all Thanksgiving is around the corner!



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