Matt's Stir Fry

1 package of sirloin beef strips, very important

1-2 cloves of garlic, for flavor

A small piece of ginger

a dash Chili oil

Soy sauce

olive oil

a cup of rice

4-5 of the following:

a small bag of Broccoli

a small bag of Snow peas

About 8 Mushrooms

a small bag of string beans

Bok choy (looks like lettuce)

Green pepper



Start to steam the rice in 2 cups water (Follow instructions on package). Chop the meat into 1in. pieces. Place in bowl with enough soy sauce for the meat to sit in. Add the cloves chopped very fine and the ginger also chopped very fine. And a dash of Chinese five spices herbs. Mix it well and let it sit in the refrigerator.

Before moving on clean off the cutting board.

Now start cutting the vegetables. Cut the mushrooms into very thin slices. Every thing else use your judgment. Try to keep larger vegetables away from smaller one (for example put the leafy end of the Bok Choy with the Snow peas and the Green peppers with the bigger end of the Bok Choy).

Now start to cook the Meat in a frying pan or Chinese Wok. Add the Chili oil and more soy sauce. When the meat is done place in separate bowl and put in the vegetables that may take longer to cook such as the green pepper and broccoli. You may add more Chinese five spices herb, soy sauce, or chili oil for extra flavor. When the vegetables in the pan are almost done add the rest of the vegetables, when that is done throw the meat back in and mix it all together. By now the rice should be done.

Serve it up and eat like kings!!!!!! By, Matthew A. Solotaire